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WELCOME to the homepage of the Philadelphia fan base! This is not an elitist, exclusionary group. Anyone can read this news site or join the mailing list or write in the message board. But it won't really affect your life unless you live in Philly or will be visiting us here.

When October Comes

October calling. Post to the list to begin planning for the shows that are just in a few weeks. If anyone's looking to buy/ sell/ trade tickets, also feel free to post.

U2PhillyFans at Flickr

To make it easier to share photographs from the tour etc, there is now a U2PhillyFans group at photo-sharing godsend Flickr. Right now, it's invitation only but just send an e-mail or leave a comment and you'll get an invite. Bookmark it. Many pictures are yet to be taken and shared.

The U2PhillyFan ID

How many times have you said to another member, "If I had known you were part of the group I would have said 'Hi'..." Now you can! Just kidding. I made up this PhillyFan ID which you can download and print to your heart's content and wear or post it on your car so other PhillyFans will know you're on the list and say 'hi'. For a while I've thought it might be a good idea to present a more united front. Maybe it's the Girl Scout in me and maybe it's just stupid and I'll wake up weeks from now and wail that I did something so dumb. But for now, I'll do it. It's voluntary. You won't be called "not a real fan!" if you don't bedeck yourself out in U2PhillyFan IDs. It's for those who want to participate to participate. No pressure. It's a black and white for printing to whatever paper or material you see the most fit.

Small version and a Large version.

Post It

The Post It board to the left is now open for business. Send an e-mail with Post It in the subject heading. Trades for tickets, tickets for sale, want ads are all welcome. Scalping tickets (selling for above face value) is not tolerated and will not be published. Get a life you rotten thief! Anyway, that's all.

Avatars II

Here's the next bunch.


There have been requests for cute U2 avatars so inspired by U2 coolness last night, I made some. They're 80x80, just the size asks your user icons to be, but of course you can use them anywhere.

Get together: January 14th

This get together has now happened. Thanks once again to all who came. This was actually an awesome get together in which times of U2 fandom past made all newer fans green with envy.

iPod Commercial Desktop Wallpapers

Too lazy to make thumbnails. Click on the links and the pictures should open in separate windows. Size is approximately 1024x768. Your OS should be able to trim the picture without stretching it. If you have problems, please let me know.

iPod Ad #1/ Bono

iPod Ad #2/ Bono... too

iPod Ad #3/ Edge

iPod Ad #4/ Bono & Edge

iPod Ad #5/ Edge... again

iPod Ad #6/ Bono Kick

Long Live Apple Computer Incorporated.

Get-together: November 20

The get together went well. SNL was brilliant; people lost their minds. Stay tuned for the next invite, hopefully before Christmas.

Snow Patrol

Since we all read the U2 news sites, no doubt you've heard Irish indie group Snow Patrol has been mentioned in recent talks about opening for the upcoming world tour. Never heard of them? Neither had I. Never heard them? Here's your chance.

Their latest and third album is called Final Straw and the tracks are as follows:

  • How to Be Dead
  • Wow
  • Gleaming Auction
  • Whatever's Left
  • Spitting Games
  • Chocolate
  • Run
  • Grazed Knees
  • Ways & Means
  • Tiny Little Fractures
  • Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
  • Same

This is their website:

Final Straw Download. Yay!

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