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...to the Tour section of www.U2Literary.com! While this section is still heavily under construction, it continues on its evolution to fitting in with the rest of this multi-pronged U2 site. In case the title hasn't given it away, this section of the site is meant to chronicle the events surrounding the latest Elevation tour in America and beyond.

The Reviews section holds reports of the individual shows. The Diary is meant to be a place where other stories like the mad scramble for tickets, meeting other fans, the long wait in the GA lines etc will be documented. It is also the section of this mini-site that I have made the most inroads into, and the wordiest. Take a look! The Photographs section is self-explanatory. "Memorabilia" is where everything else will go that isn't an actual photograph. This includes but is not limited to ticket stubs, t-shirts, confetti, blades of grass Bono stepped on... Okay, maybe not. But it will hold scans of other paraphanelia a fan picks up during a tour.

Also, don't forget to look at the other sections of the www.U2Literary site. There's a lot more than this as yet unrealized project :)

I make a point of returning all reasonable e-mail so if you have questions or comments, please fell free to write me. As with U2Literary, you will need at least 16-bit color, IE 4.0+ (hate to say it but Netscape sucks... if the page looks like crap, you're probably using Netscape :P), 1024x768 screen resolution, and some patience esp with the picture pages. If you don't have those on your computer and the pictures look funky or the site doesn't work, then you need to get the hardware or it WON'T work... And I'm not going to change it so it will.



WHAT'S NEW?/ Last update: March 21, 2003

The Philly 1 story is finally finished though severely truncated. Some things are just not meant to be written down anymore.

This one's a beauty. Too bad the shots are a little steep to actually buy so a 72dpi jpg will have to do. Like this picture as much as I do? Well, I certainly didn't take it (damn it!). Otto Kitsinger did and he took a whole lot more. Check out his website at www.PerformancePhotography.com and see all his great shots.


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